Who are we at PBX Hacks?

I'm just a tech guy who has been working in the PBX/VoIP industry for 20+ years or so.  That's how long ago my employer (FacetCorp) began developing our IP-based PBX, called: FacetPhone.  VoIP was the most interesting thing since graphical web-browsing!  I jumped in with both feet and have been have a blast every since!

This is just a personal blog -- not representing FacetCorp in any official way.  Here you'll find discussions of all sorts of things, some specifically related to the PBX I know and love most (FacetPhone) and other things related to the industry at large, other PBX's, call centers, PBX administration, PBX users, etc.

Join in the conversation...

Please jump right in and suggest topics to discuss or comment on existing discussions.  We all benefit by the wealth of knowledge shared by others.  All opinions welcome here!